Professional Earning #Thunkable AIA File

Professional Earning #Thunkable AIA File

Friends, today I'm going to give you such a great aia file, which will surprise you by looking at the look. This is an application made from the Android studio to see but I have made it in the appybuilder. You can see this look in the picture below.

In this we have created a page for Singup and Login, filling in any wrong details, this will not be singup and Login will only be filled in with the correct email ID, correct mobile number, referral code and password, and only after filling the correct details in the login Login will be if you uninstall this application and you can login it again without signing up.

In it, you can earn money by watching video ads and subscribing to YouTube channels, and in this you can also enter the amount as a first time sign up bonus as if I have put $ 0.21 in it.

In this you can refer to your friends and the referral code for each user is generated automatically and can be withdrawn in the off of paypal and paytm.

Download AIA file.....        

Link 1.             Download

Link 2.             Download
Professional Earning #Thunkable AIA File
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